The best prevention for breast cancer is eliminating the risk factors. We are listing the most important prevention tips one can take

  1. Avoid Obesity: Obesity raises the chances of developing breast cancer after menopause. One should avoid gaining weight, keeping the body-mass index under 25.
  2. Eat healthy: one should adopt a high fibre diet that contains lots of vegetables and less fatty foods. Lean protein such as chicken and fish shall be consumed avoiding red meat. Whole grains should be in the diet and vegetable oils should be preferred over animal fats.
  3. Keep physically active: research suggests that keeping physically active even from later in life significantly reduces the risk of development of breast cancer.
  4. Regulating alcohol intake: Alcohol intake is associated with breast cancer and thus limiting alcohol or completely avoiding it significantly reduces the chance of development of breast cancer.
  5. Cessation of smoking: Long term smoking is associated with breast cancer thus one should give up smoking to stay safe from breast cancer.
  6. Breast Feeding children: Women who breast-feed their child for at least a year have a reduced risk of development of the disease.
  7. Avoid hormone replacement therapy: women who opt for HRT for menopausal symptoms have an increased risk thus should avoid taking hormones to manage menopausal symptoms.
  8. Get regular breast screening: Routine screening tests ensure that no abnormal tissue growth goes unnoticed thus enabling detection of breast cancer at early stages.